• Sweating syndrome! The most idiotic of theories of the appearance of a kiss suggests that in the stone age, the neighbor's skin was an accessible source of salt. Since salt is produced as a result of perspiration, which helps maintain the body temperature, it is believed that Mr. and Mrs. Neanderthals started kissing to maintain the temperature balance. If this was actually the case, then how can one explain the fact that they continued to kiss even after sunset on cool nights, having gotten under one blanket of bear skin?
    Hunters for sebum! According to this theory, all people need sebum - a moisturizing substance that is produced by our body, in particular the lips. Thus, we kiss only to “fill up” with sebum. Yes, of course, so we believed ...
30 March 2020

Marvelous aspects that make Canada unique

If you’re planning to visit Canada (Remember about: eta Canada ) being a foreigner, one of the reasons could be because you heard it’s a